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40 Book Challenge 2011

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It’s that time!!  Are you up for the Challenge??  Click on the link to the video!


Book Clubs

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I am truly enjoying my time spent with two different book clubs.  I have a group of second graders reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a group of fifth grade boys reading Maniac Magee.  Both groups are great to work with, but one stands out a bit more than the other.  My fifth grade boys approached their teacher about starting a book club with me.  I was floored.  And then I was doing a happy dance.  Boys…wanting to be in a book club. Shazam!

Their teacher and I got together to pick out a book that we felt would really hook them.  Maniac Magee seemed like a good fit.  From the get-go they have been raring to go!  We have had a blast talking about figurative language, author’s craft, making connections and anything and everything Maniac Magee.  We meet during lunch or during their enrichment and we try to meet at least four times a week.  Each meet, they are responsible for bringing something to the discussion~whether that be a mystery word, a connection, something about the reading to share.  We have even shared Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.  mmmmm…  (How can you understand how great they are without a taste???)

Boys Book Club

They are already asking about what book we’ll be reading next.  I am tap dancing on clouds:)


Book 16~ 13 Treasures

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I finished my 16th book Sunday!  WOW!  I read 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison.  Click the link to see the video book talk: 13 Treasures 2

I checked out Michelle Harrison’s website and found out that 13 Treasures is part of a series!!!  Yea!  I just added 13 Curses and 13 Secrets to my want to read list.  As I am looking at my journal, I realize that all but 2 of my books have been fantasy.  Time to pick a new genre.  What shall it be?  Realistic? Science Fiction?  hmmm…maybe Historical Fiction?  If you have any recommendations, please comment!

Getting Started

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Here I go!  I stacked up all of the books I have around my bed to show you what’s in my 40 book list.  Right now I am reading Kenny and the Dragon  by Tony DiTerlizzi.  Absolutely delightful!  But, if you don’t believe me, check out the review from  It is just one of the many good books on the North Carolina Children’s Book Award nominee list. 

Tony DiTerlizzi, Tony DiTerlizzi (?)  hmm, does that ring a bell?  Have you heard that name before?  If you are a fan of The Spiderwick Chronicles or The Spider and The Fly, then you know who he is!!!  If you are a fan, and want to see more about him and his books, click here to visit his website “Imaginopolis”.

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